Sports Day 2017

Sports day was amazing.  Well organised and fun!

Thank you to all staff and parents for your support with sports day and well done to all the children who managed not to melt in the sun.

Highlights in Numbers

Breakdown of Results

Individual Fruit/veg team


1st Blueberries 2928 points

2nd Apple 2678 points

3rd Tomato 2480 points


1st Kiwi 1872 points

2nd Blueberry 1871 points

3rd Grape 1825 points

Colour Teams


1st Blue 5480

2nd Green 5156

3rd Red 4771

4th Yellow 4575


1st Blue 7201

2nd Red 6716

3rd Green 6622

4th Yellow 5472

Overall Team Colour

4th 10047 Yellow

3rd 11487 Red

2nd 11778 Green

1st 12681 Blue


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"The teaching of phonics has improved since the previous inspection. There is now a clear structure to the way sounds are being taught, and pupils learn more quickly than in the past"

- Ofsted, 2019