Our curriculum comes from the children; the things they are interested in; the things they are good at; the things we know they need to make good progress and the things we hope they will really enjoy.

Our teachers skilfully weave the Nation Curriculum into their learning through our specially selected themes.

Curriculum Principles

  • We start from the children: we ask them what they enjoy and what they want to learn next; we talk to their parents and carers; and we observe them playing and learning;
  • Practical, first hand experiences, initiated by children’s interests, lend themselves to the richest learning opportunities;
  • Enabling environments with quality resources and sensitive adult support that is responsive to children’s needs help children to become independent learners;
  • Learning through play and exploration is most meaningful to children and leads to deeper learning and;
  • Curriculum provision reflects the rich and varied cultures in our local community and beyond

Curriculum Foundations

  • Developing a sense of self through opportunities for personal, social and emotional learning, including the most effective ways of living and learning collaboratively;
  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle through physical education alongside knowledge of how to stay safe and make balanced food choices.
  • Basic skills teaching of literacy, numeracy and science with practice and application;
  • Developing an understanding of the digital world and computing, including how to stay safe online;
  • Encouraging creativity through the arts and by thinking critically and taking risks;
  • Personalisation from class topics to individual research projects - to ensure children can learn through their fascinations;
  • Environmental education – learning through the seasons – Forest School and;
  • Local, national and international links.

Curriculum Enrichment

  • Trips, visits and visitors
  • Partnerships
  • Focus weeks
  • Extra-curricular clubs and activities

Our curriculum is carefully mapped in line with the new National Curriculum (September 2014) and is based on what we know engages our children and is relevant to their lives. Our curriculum maps demonstrate the progression of knowledge and skills we expect to see across our school.

English and Maths lessons are taught daily. These lessons focus on the key skills and objectives as set out in the new National Curriculum. Wherever possible, they incorporate practical and investigative activities, and opportunities for cross-curricular learning, often involving links to the current class topic.

Our foundation subjects are taught thematically. Children thoroughly enjoy topics such as London Calling, Mayans and Aztecs and Fashion. The theme runs right across all subjects, wherever possible, so that our children have a deeper understanding of what they are learning about and can apply their skills in a range of meaningful ways. In addition, a specialist Spanish teacher teaches Spanish to all children in Key Stage 2 (Years 3 to 6).

Art, Music and PE are a focus at Prior Weston, with specialist Art, Music and PE teachers teaching across the school during teachers' PPA (Planning, Preparation & Assessment) time.

PE is planned in units of Gymnastics, Games, Dance and Athletics and taught twice weekly, making use of the outside pitch space and the large sports hall.

"By the end of Year 6, pupils’ attainment is above average and achievement is rising year on year."

- Ofsted (October 2013)