Homework reinforces what your child is learning in school. It also gives you a chance to become involved in the learning process.

Talking to parents and families can be the most valuable homework of all for children, especially if parents show interest and play an active role by asking children questions about their day.

Homework is set regularly from Year 1 to Year 6 and can be set in many different forms with varied outcomes. It may not always come in the form of a written task; it could be a practical task to be fed back orally, or a special task such as a Maths and Science Week family project. In Key Stage 1 (Reception to Year 2) reading is the most important homework. Your child will always have a book from school in his or her book bag - try to read the book together every night.

Every child has a homework book, in which written work should be completed and returned. Each week, homework will be assessed within the class with the teacher, incorporating peer and class feedback.

The nature and type of Homework changes as the pupil gets older. Homework should not cause children (or parents!) stress or concern: please come and speak to your child’s class teacher if there are any issues.

Parents/carers can support their child’s learning by ensuring homework is completed and handed in on time, and by supervising, encouraging and praising their child. As children progress through the school it is important that they become increasingly more independent in their learning.

Homework Policy

"For my family it has been a fantastic safe and engaging place to come, a weekly event to do as a family"

- Claudia, a parent talking about Stay and Play at the Children's Centre