More Able and Talented

At Prior Weston, we are committed to supporting our pupils to achieve high academic standards and develop their talents. We treat our pupils as individuals and get to know them so we are able to develop their confidence and personalities and achieve the best they can. Ofsted said “Leaders are ambitious for all pupils.” and “Children thrive at this school.”

Our vision is for our children to discover and grow their unique talents while growing in to resilient and curious learners, who think for themselves and are ready to take their next steps with confidence.

We work alongside other professionals to provide the best provision for our pupils from music specialists (Music Masters) to PE specialists (Team Kick Start) and specialist Spanish teachers.


We bring professionals and members of the community into school as part of our career assemblies for our Upper Key Stage 2 pupils to provide the children with inspiration and set high aspirations for what can be done through hard work and determination.

It is our expectation that families, staff and governors are aspirational for the children and we work together to identify, support and extend children’s learning to meet their full potential. We identify children who we consider to be talented or have the capacity to soar, or who are particularly interested in something and do our best to give them the opportunity to succeed. We use our local community, law firms, banks, City and London University and Islington borough as a resource to support this. Opportunities and trips are mapped out so children can join up their learning and discover new interests and passions where possible.


Ofsted said: "Leaders and members of the governing body have created an ambitious curriculum, including in the early years."


Achievement or Ability?

At Prior Weston, we focus on achievement and ability to ensure that children who are underachieving also realise their potential. There may sometimes be big differences between a child’s ability, the progress they make, or in their achievement. We actively seek to remove any obstacles leading to underachievement by:

  • ensuring there is a breadth and depth of opportunity to develop abilities, and to show what the child knows and can do
  • strongly encouraging and fostering each child to take advantage of their talents
  • we use specialist subject teachers for sports, dance, Spanish and music to provide quality first teaching and opportunities for all children to enjoy themselves and develop their learning and talent.
  • ensure children who are exceptional in an area but have difficulties in writing have opportunities to highlight their abilities
  • contact with local secondary schools
  • contact with universities – Brilliant Club
  • making full use of Pupil Premium funding to remove any economic barriers
  • working in partnership with families and the local community to promote and celebrate aspiration, ability and achievement
  • providing high quality social and emotional support to those more able and or talented learners especially with SEND who require it.


Provision for the More Able: What to Expect

We provide a rich and varied bespoke curriculum that can be accessed by all, regardless of ability across a range of subjects. Through skilful teacher assessment of learning and achievement, we identify those with high potential (both those who are maximising their potential and those have not yet done so). These children are then provided with extensions for learning, which can include:

  • richer and deeper questions
  • more complex problem-solving
  • access to a broader range of texts
  • opportunities to express themselves fluently and confidently
  • opportunities for independent and collaborative learning
  • enrichment opportunities and competitions – local and national sporting competitions, workshops (English Speaking Union, MetroBank, Siemens Garden project), music concerts.
  • opportunities for pupil led learning and leadership opportunities


We also include in our school teaching and learning policy, criteria to be mindful of in various subject areas, so that earlier and more ongoing identification is further supported.


More Able and Talented Coordinator

The school’s More Able and Talented coordinator is our Assistant Headteacher Aoife McMonagle. If you would like to find out more about our identification process and provision for the more and most able learners, please explore the resources on this website or make an appointment through the school Reception.



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"Staff are experts at teaching phonics"

- Ofsted, 2022