Arsenal League Easter Update

Easter Update from Arsenal!

League Tables

Here are your results so far up to Easter. We’re still waiting for a result are two to be confirmed so the tables are not quite complete. Each team will be playing 9 games in total so there’s still time to qualify for the IPFL Finals day in July!

Fair Play Tables

We want the IPFL to be a positive and enjoyable experience for everyone, so this year we have introduced Fair Play Points. After each game you have been awarding your opponents marks (out of 5) taking into account the conduct of your opponent’s players; the conduct of your opponent’s staff; the sportsmanship of your opponents; the punctuality of your opponents; your opponent’s willingness to help/referee and any other factors you feel are relevant.

It’s been really good to see that the majority of games so far have been played in good spirit. If your school has not quite achieved the marks that you hoped for please do think about why this might be and how your scores could be improved.

Top Goal Scorers

There’s been tons of goals so far! The rankings seem to change on a weekly basis so there’s still plenty of time to go for the golden boot!

"The arrangements for safeguarding are effective. The school provides a calm and orderly community where pupils feel safe and valued"

- Ofsted, 2019