February Update of the IPFL from Arsenal

League Tables

Here are your results so far up to half term. We’re still waiting for a few results to come in so the tables are not quite up to date. Each team will be playing 9 games in total so there’s still plenty of time yet. The race to qualify for the IPFL Finals day in July is on!

Fair Play Tables

We want the IPFL to be a positive and enjoyable experience for everyone, so this year we have introduced Fair Play Points. After each game you have been awarding your opponents marks (out of 5) taking into account the conduct of your opponent’s players; the conduct of your opponent’s staff; the sportsmanship of your opponents; the punctuality of your opponents; your opponent’s willingness to help/referee and any other factors you feel are relevant.

Top Goalscorers

There’s been tons of goals so far! The rankings seem to change on a weekly basis so there’s still plenty of time to go for the golden boot!

Fixtures Update

Unfortunately St Peter & St Pauls School had to withdraw from the League this year. This may affect some of your forthcoming fixtures. An updated fixture list is attached. Please take a moment to double check this against your diaries! This has not affected any school’s points tally in any way.

IPFL South Division Fixture List 2017-18

Design Our Logo!

This year the IPFL has grown bigger than ever before with over half of the borough’s schools competing in the North and South Divisions. It’s about time we had a logo! We’re encouraging children from both divisions to come up with a logo ideas that we can use. If you have some players that are creative off the pitch as well as on it, please let them know to send in their ideas before the end of June!

And finally, all that remains to be said is a big thank you to all of you for making these opportunities happen for your pupils. We’ve heard so many stories of girls and boys that are relishing the chance to play organised sports, whether they win or lose! The atmosphere that you are creating for them goes a very long way.

All the best!


"The teaching of phonics has improved since the previous inspection. There is now a clear structure to the way sounds are being taught, and pupils learn more quickly than in the past"

- Ofsted, 2019