Islington Gymnastics Competition - March 2017

Recently a small team of gymnasts from KS2 attended the Islington gymnastics competition. Each individual had to complete a step routine for body management, floor and vault specific for their age group. We entered two Year 5/6 teams and one Year 3/4 team which consisted of two girls and two boys within each team. Each member of the team were scored on the different disciplines which went towards the teams total points.

Many of the team had been training hard trying to learn the complicated routines and it paid off on the day as the performances were great!
The final results were announced and the Year 3/4 team came 5th in their age category. We had a surprise in Year 5/6 with the B team finishing 3rd and the A team taking 1st position! The A team will go on to represent Islington in the London Youth Games competition in July for Year 5/6 gymnastics. Great work and support all round!

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Salma - Well done

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