Panathlon Finals

Our KS2 inclusion team represented Islington Borough at the finals of the Panathlon event. The event was held at The Copper Box and all children had an amazing experience. Even though we didn’t win the students were very happy with their runners up medals!

“It was really fun going there and I respect other teams at try their best to win” - Joshua, Year 6

“I love that everyone worked together as a team” - Matthew (former Head Teacher), Year 4

“I like curling because it was really easy to slide it along” - Malachi, Year 5

"Bassam really enjoyed hitting targets with a bat and ball and Basma loved the Botcha"

“I liked the entire principal as some people like me will never get to play sports like this. Just being there made me a proud boy. Also everyone on the team had so much respect, it was outstanding!” - Harry, Year 5

“I enjoyed everything. It was a fun day and I really enjoyed playing Botcha with my team mates” - Alejandro, Year 3


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- Ofsted, 2019