Race to Health Update - Week 4

It’s the final count down!

As England progress to the quarter finals of the World Cup we only have 1 more week of Race to Health 2018 to go!

Week 4 is almost complete and Prior Weston are doing great and are heading toward the final on 15th July so it’s really important to keep up the momentum for the final week.

Your school is currently 16th in the race with a total of 78584 active minutes logged and 6856 miles completed meaning that as a school you’ve already travelled from Stad Olympique de Rades, Tunis, Tunisia last week through Abuja National Stadium, Abuja, Nigeria and are now en route to visit El Monumental, River Plates Stadium, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Well done Kew, you are currently leading in front as the most active with Westminster in second place.

Let’s join England for one last push into the last week of the race by:

  • Putting on extra activities for children before school at breakfast club, during break and lunchtimes and after school.
  • Reminding parents to encourage and support their children to be active at home before and after school and on the weekend.
  • Encouraging children to check the trophy cabinet to see how much they are being rewarded for improving and participating in the race.

Finally, we’ve attached a fun food from around the world challenge to be sent home and completed – perhaps whilst watching the match on Saturday!

Reminder:  If you have any classes or students that are registered on the Race to Health site but are not participating, please let us know. We will suspend their accounts so it will not bring down your school’s average activity minutes.

Good luck with your final week!


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- Ofsted, 2019