Year 3 & 4 - Swimming Gala Finals

We qualified for 7 of the swimming gala finals which made a very exciting event.

Emily lead the team to our first gold in the year 3 25m individual freestyle event, followed closely by Leonie year 3 winning our first silver in the 25m breaststroke event (we are still convinced she was the gold position!) William and Ava finished 5th in their events, then we moved onto the relays.

The Year 3 girls swam an extremely exciting race and we won our next Gold medal! Year 4 girls finished in a solid bronze position and our final race the mixed Year 3 medley finished in 5th position. Well done all and thank you to all of our parental support.

Year 3 & 4 Swimming Gala Results


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- Ofsted, 2019