• Put aside an hour when the family can come together and have a discussion about a shared topic.
  • Begin the session with a warm up activity. such as a ‘would you rather’ question.
  • This gives you all an opportunity to make sure you are listening to each other and everyone has a chance to speak.
  • Look at the stimulus together. This could be a picture, an object or a short film clip.
  • What questions/ thoughts do you have? Everybody writes down a question or a thought.
  • Share your question one at a time with the family.
  • Take a vote and select one question that you are going to discuss.
  • Have a family discussion taking it in turns to listen to each other. It may be useful to have an object that the person who is speaking can hold to show that it their turn to talk so everyone else is listening. It could be the listening cup, or the listening toy etc.
  • At the end go around the family and everyone has an opportunity to give a final thought about the discussion.

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"The arrangements for safeguarding are effective. The school provides a calm and orderly community where pupils feel safe and valued"

- Ofsted, 2019