Thank You

Parents asked us how we can thank and support the school which has been even more amazing than usual during this unprecedented time.

With reduced face-to-face interactions, we have created this wall for anyone in our lovely community to write what they love about the school, to thank a teacher or a member of staff. Please send kind and heartfelt words, it goes a long way!

- PTA and Parent Governors


Parent of Year 6 - We have so much admiration for how the staff are keeping the children engaged and encouraged despite all the difficulties they are facing. We really appreciate the hard work which is going into planning every day and the individual and personal feedback for children. Thanks to Hannah for the entertaining catch-ups twice a day and to Simone for her extra support when things are difficult. Thanks also to the staff who have to travel to school every day during the pandemic. You are all amazing.

A Nursery parent - Thank you for all your doing for us, we’re very grateful

Parent of Year 6 - Thanks to all for the hard work and resilience of Prior Weston staff, school is very well organised with drop off and pick up times and feels a lot safer. It means a lot and very appreciated

January 2021 - Happy New Year all! - Dear teachers / headteacher,
Your upbeat voice on the daily zoom calls is resonating in the household. Not only does it get the children up and ready to work, but it is giving rhythm to everyone else as well!
Thank you for putting this organisation in place overnight.

Lucy Shah (parent of year 5 and year 2 children) - A big thank you to Fiona and her team for all they have done in keeping the children safe and happy throughout this challenging year. Really appreciate everything! Looking forward to back to school as soon as it is possible!

Joy Townsend - Grannie to a year 2 and 5
Thank you so much for all you have done to keep the school open and safe. I admire you greatly and and am very grateful. Would like to do something to help if possible

Lisa Fitzpatrick (Parent Y3) - Thank you all so much for all your hard work and support. Prior Weston teachers and staff have been amazing. Have a wonderful Xmas break.

Louise (parent Y6) - Thank you for having the courage and perseverance to provide such an essential service during such a difficult time. The children clearly appreciate the benefits of being back at school.
Have a good Christmas holiday! Thanks again!!!

Emma (parent Y2 and Y5) - I've so appreciated the role of the school during these past months, a shining constant light – night and day. They have navigated through all of my worries and questions with calm, sensitivity and genuine warmth. I've not felt alone and my children (despite when they grumble) are thriving being back at school. Thank you, thank you all

Grazia Piras - Thanks to Prior Weston team for the great efforts and support offered to children and families during this challenging times. My child has settled back easily after the summer break and he is learning happily. So great that PW is open! Wish you a well deserved Xmas break!

Parent of year 6 - Dear team,
What a year it has been! I want to thank all the staff deeply for keeping the school open thoughout Covid time, with the risks it implied for each. Well done for a great spirit.
I am more grateful than ever to be part of the Prior Weston family 😊
Enjoy a well deserved break very soon!

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"The teaching of phonics has improved since the previous inspection. There is now a clear structure to the way sounds are being taught, and pupils learn more quickly than in the past"

- Ofsted, 2019