Arsenal Teach Year 5 Football

Wednesday the 11th January was the first session with the Arsenal coaches most of the children in Year 5 were very excited. At first we met the coaches that were going to teach us and their names were Jamie, Tom and Taylor. We also played ‘get the bib’ which will help us with our footwork. After that we had gates made from cones which we had to dribble through. At the end of the session we played a quick football match.

By Ruweda

When I first heard that we were having Arsenal coaches it was really exciting as I enjoy football and thought it would be very enjoyable for the whole class, as our skills levels vary and we could learn a lot not just from the coaches but from the pupils as well.

In our first session I mostly enjoyed the match! But I also liked it when we were dribbling through the gates (made from cones) with skill. After our first session I felt I learnt a lot from it and the coaches really encourage4 you to join in and have fun.

By Rasmus


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