Reception or Years 1 - 6 Admissions

We are delighted that you are considering Prior Weston Primary School for your child. Here is some relevant information to help make the process as smooth as possible.

Admission for these year groups is managed by Islington, and parents and carers should apply through the council, although we welcome children and families from all boroughs. We are happy to speak to prospective parents and carers about the process.

"Prior Weston teachers and staff have been amazing"

- Year 3 Parent

Please contact the office for more information. For technical help with the admissions process, parents can contact the London eAdmissions support helpdesk on 020 8255 55 55 or

If parents wish to apply online and don’t have a computer at home, they can use a computer at school alternatively there are computers that are free to use at local libraries. Parents may contact their local adult and community learning centre to find out more about computer training courses. Please call Contact Islington on 020 7527 2000 for more information on these services.

Apply for a school place in-year

You need to use an Islington in-year admission online form to apply for a school place when you:

  • are new to the local area (Islington, Hackney, City of London, Haringey…) and need a school place – we welcome children and families from all boroughs
  • want a change of school
  • need to apply for a reception place but you moved to Islington after the closing date

You can apply at any time.

"I am more grateful than ever to be part of the Prior Weston family"

- Year 6 Parent

Choosing the right school for your child  

  • talk to your child – involve them as much as you can
  • think about what’s right for your child – don’t rely on what others tell you or what you read on parenting websites
  • you can view all primary schools in Islington on the council website
  • visit schools – contact the school for visiting dates
  • think about the journey – how easy will it be to get to the school? Some schools may be further away but are easier to get to
  • check the admission criteria and cut-off distance in the school fact file
  • don’t choose only one school – your application will not be treated more favourably and you could lose out on another school you like.

If you need further advice, contact the School Admissions team ( They cannot tell you which schools to apply for, but they can explain the admission criteria and tell you where there are vacancies.

"For my family it has been a fantastic safe and engaging place to come, a weekly event to do as a family"

- Claudia, a parent talking about Stay and Play at the Children's Centre