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Headteacher: Fiona MacCorquodale
Deputy Head: Bev Newman
Assistant Head and SENCO: Simone De Juan
Assistant Head: Aoife McMonagle
Family Welfare and Safeguarding: 
Bernadette Frain-Atallah
Children's Centre: 
Rae Armes, Lily Seatory & Louise Panteli

Chair of the Governing Body: Tom Bishai

Parent queries should be addressed to Adam Cornwall-Jones

Prior Weston Primary School and Children's Centre
Golden Lane Campus
101 Whitecross Street

Phone: 020 7786 4800

For more information about lettings, please use the contact details above.

Want to come and see us? We offer regular tours of the School and Children's Centre.

"Pupils are sensible and support one another."

- Ofsted, 2022