Regular attendance at school is vitally important for children to achieve their greatest potential - we therefore ask you to ensure that your child attends school every day. The borough of Islington and Governors of Prior Weston School are keen to ensure good attendance and punctuality. There is a proven connection between success at school and high attendance. It is particularly disruptive to learning if a child has numerous short absences. Children who are late arriving to school in the morning miss the start of the first lesson and find it difficult to tune in to what is going on, and as a result their learning suffers.

Good punctuality is an important life skill. When outlining how we drive attendance at Prior Weston, we are referring to all classes from reception to year 6. However, the approach in reception slightly differs due to the children’s young age. Issues with attendance in reception appear to stem from a combination of factors such as: concern and lack of clarity about what illness should prevent children attending school, and attendance is not seen as a priority over, say ‘last chance’ holidays in term time. Staff at Prior Weston work to challenge these misconceptions and support and encourage parents in reception to improve their children’s attendance and develop good life skills and attitudes to learning in order that they can achieve more…

Attendance Policy

Our Attendance Officer, Jada Terrelonge monitors the attendance daily for every child in the school. This is overseen by Bernadette Frain-Atallah who is the Safeguarding and Family Welfare Lead.

In recognition of this, we set targets to reduce absence to a minimum; currently, we are aiming for 96% attendance, but we would love to do even better! Your child will receive his/her attendance figures for each term and class attendance is put in the newsletter, with special attention being given to the classes that have the highest and most improved attendance.

If a child’s attendance falls below 90% then it is our duty of care to work with Islington Access and Engagement team to ensure that your child attends more regularly.


If your child is sick, please inform the school office in person, via Parent Mail or by calling 020 7786 4800 and choose option 1 for Prior Weston and Children's Centre and then option 2 for the absence line.. We can then ensure that such absences are authorised as appropriate.


If your child is late to school it can also adversely affect their learning. We ask for you to make every effort to bring your child to school on time. Therefore, if your child is regularly late, a meeting will be set up with the Safeguarding and Welfare lead and Attendance Officer in order for us to help.


Please note that we no longer authorise holidays during term time.

However, if you need to request special leave for your child, please fill in a leave form (a printed copy can also be collected from the school office). The Headteacher will consider your request and the office will notify you of the decision.

Pupil Special Leave Form

"Leaders and members of the governing body have created an ambitious curriculum, including in the early years."

- Ofsted, 2022