At our primary school, our vision for mathematics teaching is to nurture a deep, enduring understanding and love for mathematics in every child. We are committed to developing children & fluency and depth of understanding by enabling them to see and manipulate the structure of different mathematical concepts. Our approach balances both procedural and conceptual understanding, ensuring that students not only know how to perform mathematical operations but also understand why they work. 

We utilise a wide range of concrete resources that are embedded in daily classroom practice, allowing students to explore mathematical ideas through hands-on experiences. These resources help children build a solid foundation in mathematics, enabling them to visualise and manipulate numbers and shapes, fostering a comprehensive understanding of mathematical structures.

Our curriculum is designed to build confidence and a love of mathematics by making the subject fun and engaging. We believe that when children  enjoy mathematics, they are more likely to persevere through challenges and develop a positive attitude towards learning. To achieve this, our  lessons are filled with interactive activities, games, and real-world problem-solving opportunities that make mathematics relevant and exciting.

Understanding the importance of mathematics in later life and STEM careers, we strive to help children see the relevance of maths in the wider world. We make connections between classroom learning and real-life applications, showing students how mathematics is integral to various fields and everyday situations. This approach not only enhances their learning experience but also prepares them for future careers in  STEM. We also organise workshops with career talks from professionals in STEM fields and participate in the NatWest MoneySense programme, where children engage in workshops  run by banking professionals, thereby gaining valuable financial literacy skills and insights  into the banking world.

To further inspire and challenge our students, we offer a range of wider opportunities such as whole school maths events. For instance, the annual NSPCC Number Day provides a fun and charitable way to engage with mathematics, while the Primary Mathematics Competition and masterclasses run by the Royal Institution offer additional avenues for children to extend their mathematical thinking and skills.

Our goal is to create an inclusive mathematics environment where every child feels capable and excited about their learning journey. We recognize and celebrate the diverse abilities of our students, providing targeted support and challenges to ensure everyone can achieve their full potential. 

We are dedicated to helping every child become a confident, enthusiastic mathematician who sees the beauty and utility of mathematics in the world around them.

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"Leaders are ambitious for all pupils"

- Ofsted, 2022