Curriculum Intent

At Prior Weston, the uniqueness of every child is recognised and valued.

Our curriculum follows the structure, and matches the ambition of the National Curriculum in England whilst providing opportunities for every pupil to SHINE. Leaders and teachers have worked collectively to design a coherent, sequential, thematic based curriculum covering all core and foundation subjects. We intend to deliver all learning to the highest standards to enable ALL of our pupils to acquire sufficient knowledge, skills and experiences to prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and challenges of the next stage in their education and later life.

Children enter Prior Weston with a wide variety of needs and from different backgrounds and starting points as well as at different stages in their education. Our curriculum places the learning journey of ALL of our pupils at its very heart. It aims to promote curiosity and to instil in them a strong passion for learning and enquiry. We build children’s aspirations demonstrating possibilities for their future lives, and the breadth and enrichment of our curriculum supports this aim. Our values as the Prior Weston Family underpin all that we do in school fostering curiosity, resilience and respect whilst encouraging children to aim high and value diversity. We consider it our duty to promote equality, ensuring our curriculum addresses disadvantage and aspires to close the gap.

Our thematic based, language rich curriculum strengthens our pupils’ ability to learn at a deeper level and achieve academic success. Additionally, our curriculum allows for our pupils to demonstrate high quality thinking and to apply skills and knowledge confidently and competently. Physical and mental wellbeing are prioritised within our curriculum. The curriculum celebrates the diversity and utilises the skills, knowledge and cultural wealth of the community while supporting the children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural.

"Leaders have organised the curriculum so that pupils are prepared for life in modern Britain."

- Ofsted, 2022