Prior Weston School and Children’s Centre is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.

We have a number of policies and procedures in place that contribute to our safeguarding commitment, including our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy which can be viewed in the Policies section of our website.

We listen to our pupils and take seriously what they tell us. All school staff are trained in Child Protection, and children are made aware of the adults they can talk to if they have any concerns. Staff are trained to look out for signs of physical/emotional harm or neglect and are required to report these to the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL).

We want to ensure that children are safe on line, and ask parents and carers to be vigilant and aware of the increased risks linked to children using technology and social media.

It is important that you are aware of using appropriate filters where possible and have monitoring systems in place to protect children from potentially harmful online abuse.

Safeguarding Team

At Prior Weston we have a team of Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSL) and sometimes we may need to share information and work in partnership with other agencies when there are concerns about a child's welfare. We will ensure that our concerns about our pupils are discussed with his/her parents/carers first unless we have reason to believe that such a move would be contrary to the child's welfare. We actively support the Government's Prevent Agenda to counter radicalism and extremism.

Bernadette Frain-Atallah
Designated Safeguarding Lead

Simone De Juan
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Beverley Newman
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Eva Stokes
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Aoife McMonagle
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Nicola Cafferkey
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Fiona MacCorquodale
Headteacher / Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead and Designated Manager for Staff Concerns

What to do if you have concerns

Safeguarding Newsletter

Safeguarding Newsletter - March 2022

Welcome to the spring safeguarding newsletter. We aim to bring you all the latest, relevant help and advice on issues we feel will be of importance to you.

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21st March 2022


Children Missing Education Policy

Code Of Conduct

Islington Safeguarding Children Partnership Protocol for managing peer-on-peer sexual violence, abuse and harassment in schools, settings and colleges

Keeping children safe in education

Low Level Concerns Policy

Mobile Phone Policy

Online Safety Policy

Parent/Carer Conduct in School Policy

Parental Agreement for Small Group / 1:1 Zoom Sessions

Physical Contact and Physical Handling Policy

Remote Learning - 1:1 / Small Group Sessions

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy - Covid 19 Addendum

Separated Parents Policy

Whistleblowing Procedure

Safeguarding Curriculum

Safeguarding Curriculum Statement 2021

Safeguarding Curriculum 2021

EYFS Safeguarding Curriculum

Safeguarding Documents and Links


Please find a list of relevant telephone numbers to contact if you wish to refer independently.

The Report Abuse in Education helpline

1st of April 2021 saw the launch of the NSPCC helpline specifically to offer support and advice to children and adults who alleged sexual abuse at school and give out information about how to contact the police and report crimes.

The Report Abuse in Education helpline can be reached on 0800 136 663, on Monday to Friday 8am - 10pm, or 9am - 6pm at weekends. It can also be contacted at

Multi-Agency Team Around the School

We work closely with multiple Government agencies and charities to ensure the safety of our pupils.

Keeping Children Safe from Extremism and Radicalisation

If you are concerned about keeping children safe from extremism and radicalisation then please read the following booklet, which has been produced by Islington Council and or the school.

Childline for Under 12s

Childline has launched a website aimed at children under the age of 12. This provides age appropriate content on topics including: bullying, family, friends, feelings, school, abuse and staying safe. It also includes games and therapeutic tools for young visitors to play and express how they are feeling. It will be promoted through the NSPCC's Speak out Stay safe programme in Prior Weston during November 2018.

Visit Childline Kids...

Online Safety

Find out more about Online Safety and take a look at posters which share tips and advice about how to manage popular apps, games and social networks.

"For my family it has been a fantastic safe and engaging place to come, a weekly event to do as a family"

- Claudia, a parent talking about Stay and Play at the Children's Centre