At Prior Weston our curriculum is taught through topic based learning. A high quality text has been selected to sit at the heart of each unit. This enables the children to explore a range of subjects and make connections in their learning. The theme runs right across all subjects, wherever possible so that our children have a deeper understanding of what they are learning about and can apply their skills in a range of meaningful ways. The topic based units have been planned to ensure that all key skills are taught for each year group over the academic year. These are regularly reviewed to ensure we are representing our school community and global issues.

Our Modern Foreign Language (MFL) is Spanish. This is taught by a specialist Spanish teacher to all children in KS2.

The creative arts and PE are a focus at Prior Weston. We are a partner school with Music Masters. Through this award winning music programme children are taught a wide range of skills from Reception to Year 6. From Year 1 children start to learn the violin or cello, enabling them to build their musical skills. Our extensive sports programme is supported by TeamKickStart. Their specialist coaches deliver high quality sessions across a wide range of sporting activities in school. They also support with a wide range of team sports and competitions outside of school.

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Safeguarding Curriculum 2021

"The teaching of phonics has improved since the previous inspection. There is now a clear structure to the way sounds are being taught, and pupils learn more quickly than in the past"

- Ofsted, 2019