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Prior Weston offers children from 6 months to 11 years old high quality teaching and support, based in a newly designed building with well-resourced facilities.

In the Early Years Foundation Stage and Year 1, we deliver a curriculum based on a child centred approach, meeting individual needs across all areas of learning and development. This is implemented through planned, purposeful play where practitioners respond to each child’s emerging needs and interest, guiding their development through warm, positive interactions. We have a fantastic team of adults who put this into practice every day.

Our curriculum is carefully mapped in line with the new National Curriculum (September 2014) and is based on what we know engages our children and is relevant to their lives. Our curriculum maps (insert hyperlink) demonstrate the progression of knowledge and skills we expect to see across our school.

English and Maths lessons are taught daily. These lessons focus on the key skills and objectives as set out in the new National Curriculum. Wherever possible, they incorporate practical and investigative activities, and opportunities for cross-curricular learning, often involving links to the current class topic.

Foundation Subjects

Our foundation subjects are taught thematically. Children thoroughly enjoy topics such as London Calling, Mayans and Aztecs and The Seaside. The theme runs right across all subjects, wherever possible, so that our children have a deeper understanding of what they are learning about and can apply their skills in a range of meaningful ways. In addition, a specialist Spanish teacher teaches Spanish to all children in Key Stage 2 (Years 3 to 6).

Art, Music and PE are a focus at Prior Weston. Specialist Art and PE teachers teach across the school during teachers' PPA (Planning, Preparation & Assessment) time. London Music Masters teach music to children across Reception to Year 6.

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"The teaching of phonics has improved since the previous inspection. There is now a clear structure to the way sounds are being taught, and pupils learn more quickly than in the past"

- Ofsted, 2019