How Your Child Learns

Our provision is child-centred which means that children spend much of their day engaged in self-directed learning. The majority of the day is free-flow, meaning children choose to engage in a range of different activities, indoors and outdoors. Children engage in activities independently and with their friends, as well as taking part in adult facilitated activities that are planned from children’s interests and developmental needs.

We believe that at this young age children learn best through a play-based curriculum, with support from our experienced staff team who engage with children in their play to support social interaction, language development and further learning opportunities.

Some key attributes we seek to develop in children include self-confidence, problem solving and independence.

Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum

National ‘Development Matters’ Policy

Regular updates on how your child’s progress

Each term parents meet with their child’s Key person and contribute to identifying ‘next steps’ for their child’s learning and development. We encourage families to contribute to children’s Scrapbooks with photos, drawings and comments from outside of nursery.

Settling in – a crucial time

We believe that ‘settling in’ is a crucial part of a child’s time at the Children’s Centre. We want all children to have time to form a relationship with their Key Person (and possibly Co-Key Person) before they are left at nursery without family members. To this end ‘settling in’ always happens slowly over a period of one to two weeks, depending on the child’s age. During this time the child’s Key Person works very closely with the family to slowly extend the time the child spends at nursery without a parent or carer.

We always carefully explain our approach to settling in when a family accept a place in the nursery and at the home visit. To find out more please see our Settling in Policy.

Our approach to learning

At Golden Lane, we have created an environment where each child is valued as an Individual and can explore, develop relationships and be both safe and adventurous in our indoor and outdoor spaces. Young children learn best through play and at Golden Lane children’s play is supported by skilled adults with whom they can talk, think and learn.

The quality of relationships is also central to the effectiveness of children’s learning. Therefore, each child has an allocated key person, who will get to know the child from the first visit and be the main contact for the child’s family. Of course children choose who they make relationships with and will form strong bonds with other members of staff as well. Our practitioners use their knowledge of individual children’s interests and needs to plan activities that are both educational and fun.

In Nursery and Reception each base has a teacher who co-ordinates provision and has an overview of the learning and development of all children in their base. In Babies and Toddlers, this role is undertaken by the 0-3 co-ordinator.

Our aims are to:

  • Meet the needs and interests of the whole family.
  • Provide children with a high standard of education in a purposeful learning environment where exploration and curiosity are encouraged and the teaching and learning is based on the needs of each child.
  • Give a voice to children by listening to and consulting with them.
  • Encourage children to become independent learners.
  • Develop children’s social cultural and spiritual identity.
  • Cherish children’s self-confidence and resilience so that they can make decisions and become competent contributors to their local community.

"Children thrive at this school"

- Ofsted, 2022