Memorial Page for Charles White

Following the sad news of the death of long standing Prior Weston teacher, Charles White, we invite you to share your happy memories and messages about Charles.

Charles worked first at Moorfields Primary, and then here at Prior Weston from 2003 until now. He had a huge impact on many children in his time here over the years and he will be greatly missed. This page is an opportunity for us to come together to share our memories and recollections of Charles and what he meant to people.

If anyone would like to make a donation, there are two charities Charles’ family would like to support.

St Joseph's Hospice, which can be done in Charles’ name or The Govan Hill Baths Community Trust which Charles has frequently supported.

If there is anything else you would like to be passed on, please bring it to school and we will forward it on.

I am sorry to have to tell you that a much-loved member of our staff, Charles White, died on Saturday. As you can imagine, everyone is shocked and saddened by this news. Our hearts go out to his family and loved ones.

Read the letter from Fiona Maccorquodale, Headteacher...

Your tributes

Harry Husband - It was a very sad day for all of the staff and former students who where lucky enough to be in his class

He has left us but he will never leave us because Charles is eternal

Anton - I went to Moorfields and then Prior Weston over 10 years ago and both me and my auntie were lucky enough to have Charles teach us for year 3 & 4. I'll never forget him using his guitar to teach us the timetables or watching the New Zealand all blacks perform the Hakka (which he insisted we learn!).
It was a privilege to have been taught by him and I send my condolences to his wife and daughter RIP Charles

Samantha Ho-sang - I cannot believe this news 😭 he was my year 4 teacher many years ago in Moorfields and what an amazing teacher he truly was, I’ll never forget the amount of water he used to get through in those glass bottles lol. He really pushed me to be the best student I could be. Rest In Peace you legend Mr White ❤️

Toqzhan Kellett - He was the greatest teacher I ever had and I have great memories with him, I just wish I could have more memories by gaining back that half a year we weren't in school.
He was inspirational, funny, intelligent and so many other things.
He couldn't have been any better.
He brought everyone happiness and joy and entertained us. He always told stories and shared his intelligence.
Best wishes to his family. ❤

Jill and Haisley Moore (Sally’s Parents) - Reading these comments we can find everything that endeared us to Charles White.

He could gently coax sweet music from the strings of a guitar, teach his class a HAKA, spot and coach a gifted child, chaperone a newcomer who struggled with the English language, fill each child with new-found confidence, and above all, light up the school corridors, the classroom & the assembly hall with his benevolent smile.

Charles’ great love of teaching shone through everything he did, as we read here about dozens of individual children who were at the receiving end of his great love for his job, who are each the personification of his legacy.

On behalf of Sally and Charles’ family we would like to thank each of you for sharing your personal story with us.

Louise Threadgold - Charles,
You were so incredibly gifted. You had the ability to detect how to get the very best out of each individual child because you took the time to listen. You took pride in nurturing their talents and making each child feel so utterly valued. This was all down to your unwavering passion for the job.

You were fiercely loyal, outrageously stubborn, overwhelming generous and my god, could you tell a story!

Saying that I will miss you doesn’t even come close. My thoughts are with Sally and Jodie and the team of teachers that will feel this loss at Prior Weston. I’m sorry to say the school will not be the same without you.

I loved how you were always the person who fought the hardest , spoke the loudest and put the kids first no matter what.

I’m in no doubt that I’m the very best version of me because you’ve been in my life and I’m in no doubt that I will spend a very long time heartbroken that I will no longer see your smile that lit up the faces of every child you ever taught. And I’m in no doubt that every time I hear ‘Blackbird,’ it will remind me that I never told you enough what a special friend you were. X

someone from london - RIP Charles you seem like you were a very good person

Herveline - End of 2015 living assembly ‘dream big, work hard, stay strong, be humble!’
With Annie, Oisin, Eli and Achille

Herveline & Loic, parents of Achille, Elliott & Leonie - Dear Charles,
Look at the difference you've made and the community around you !!
Over a normal summer you would have seen your 2015 cohort come back and share their brilliant GCSE results with gratitude, and you would have been so proud of them, as you genuinely were of pupils. As Mathew (very best wishes!!) puts it, your 2014-15 class is still very much a ‘tribe’, despite having gone to different secondary schools or countries! Perhaps because you pushed them intensely, made them learn Latin one day, recite foreign poems another day, cat walk with clothes they designed and sew, write their own assembly, act and sing Grease the musical, dance uncomfortably with one another for the rock competition,…
They ran to school at 8 am to have the privilege to be taught one more hour early morning - SATS being an excuse…
You made kids grow, feel, care, work and think.
You left no-one bored around you. How many nicknames did you create, how many jokes? Passion and energy live on… You are with us, and an inspiration. 🙂

Sabine, Milla, Jimmy and Yasser - Oh, how Charles would have laughed if he knew that I recently joined the union.. sadly I will never be able to tell him. We've had so many conversations and debates over the years, often heated..Charles was brilliantly passionate about many things, but above all about the kids in his care and their education. He was a truly gifted teacher and the kids responded to him. Not everyone agreed with his style, but as a parent I will forever be grateful for the dedication and inspiration he brought to the job. Milla was lucky enough to be taught, challenged and supported by him in years 4 and 6 and thrived .. and is still thriving! Jimmy never had Charles as a class teacher but still benefitted from his support. Charles had the best class assemblies, he brought music to the school and took the kids on loads of trips and exhibitions to broaden their horizons - a highlight will always be a bunch of Y4s bursting into song
in the David Bowie exhibition, word-and pitch perfect, much to the surprise of the general public.
Charles, the school lost one of its finest. Our hearts go out to Sally and your family - we miss you, rest in peace

Norma Julius - As the school EP (2017-2019) I had the pleasure of carrying out observation and assessment of children in Charles’ class. It was clear that Charles had a very good relationship with his pupils and really cared about each one. He was a great teacher and I was always fascinated by the skillful way in which he imparted knowledge his pupils. Charles also showed great care and concern for the future well-being of children with additional needs and was very passionate about doing everything he could to ensure their needs were met. His legacy will live on in the lives of so many people who he touched.

Arda Akpinar - NO NO NO.

Charles was honestly an all round positive and motivational teacher. He would always push students to do well and will get the best out of everyone. I was in his year 5 class 5 years ago and he was honestly the best teacher I had. Always playing dodgeball with the class and was full of jokes and banter. Through thick and thin he was there for me and my classmates and helped me progress so much in my lessons.

I send my condolences and prayers 🤲🏼to his family, friends and colleagues at Prior Weston.

Fly high Charles🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊

Gail Sulkes - Charles was unforgettable. He was an incredible teacher, he cared so deeply. He shared his many talents freely. He created the environment for learning, challenge, surprise, creativity, music and laughs. He was bold and made memories. He wanted and sought the best for every student - even those not in his classes. He was personal and human. His ability to connect with people was astonishing. He met my father (Sadie and Lana's grandfather) only one time on one visit to the UK. Charles remembered him and everything they talked about and always asked me how he was (by name - even years later when we would meet somewhere out of school). He had a way of acknowledging people, especially children, and making them feel they mattered. He was direct, stubborn and he stood for something. To enable the learning and lives of others is such a gift. There is no doubt his spirit lives on through all the students (and families) touched and inspired by his encouragement and skill. Sincere condolences to his family. RIP Charles and thank you - we tried to say it then but we should have said even more.

Laurence Berridge - I was fortunate enough to observe one of Charles' lessons through my work as a visitor to the school. Within minutes of sitting in his class, it was clear to me that Charles naturally instilled a passion and curiosity for learning in his students. He was playful and knowledgeable and effortlessly able to make learning fun for children. I have no doubt that his legacy will live on for a long time to come.

Mobin - I am really sorry to hear about the funny and joyful fun teacher pass away. ): I changed my school but I was in year 5 the last class he taught I can say this for a fact that it was the best year ever R.I.P Charles White rest in peace teacher 🕊️🕊️✊

Nicoline - Charles, the positive impact you clearly had on anyone lucky enough to have crossed your path will live on forever. I, for one, will not forget that ‘cool’ assembly I walked into on my first day as an outreach worker at Prior Weston, with an entire school singing old Beatles hits to your skilled guitar strumming; how cool a school is that! I saw you bring about giggles in the most reluctant pupil and see their confidence grow over the course of their year in your class. You were so generous and genuine. I will fondly hold on to the memories of working with you. Thank you.

Shumi - Charles brought so many smiles to so many people, he made everyone feel special and gave them attention when they didn't know they needed it, he taught my kids and inspired them to be decent human beings.
He will be sadly missed with a gapping big hole in the staff room meetings.

Yusuf - I was so sad to hear this news, Charles was a great teacher, I was in his class in year 4. He used to tell a lot of good stories and he really cared about his students. my brothers Abdi and Yasir also have good memories of him too.

Cathrine Jalloh - My thought and prayers are with the family, friends and pupils, may his soul RIP. As a parent with two children at Prior Weston my memory of Charles was his smile.

ocean della-verde - When I heard that Charles passed, I was so shocked and saddened. He taught me in year 6 and is mainly the reason I'm doing so well in secondary now. He inspired and taught me many things as he did to hundreds of others. The nicest and funniest man I've ever met. He was so supportive of me especially because of how there needed to be more successful black people which I will always be grateful for. I still cant believe it. RIP Charles ❤️

Joe Tomlinson - It is sad about the news with Charles I hope he will rest and he will never be forgotten R.I.P

Isaque - Charles was an amazing man and teacher who created an atmosphere of joy to every class he teaches.He was a unique teacher and inspiring man to all around him.You will be missed R.I.P Charles White

William Lubo - I am really sad that Charles white passed away. He was a really great and funny teacher. I really enjoyed year 5. To be honest year 5 was probably one of the best years of my life. I was really upset when I heard that he passed away although I'm glad that he's resting. R.I.P Charles White ❤️😭

Nehemiah - It is such sad news he passed away I still can't believe it but his kindness will always be apart of me so Charles will Rest In Peace [RIP]

Alfie Roberts - Charles was a fun, joyful teacher who always thought of his TA's and our class. We had lots of brilliant times such as dodge ball every Fridays, he told us hilarious stories, he gave us biscuits and sweets to help us concentrate on our work and the list goes on. Although Charles might not be with us, he still rests in our hearts and will stay there forever more. Thanks to Charles, year 5 was a year full of joy and brilliance. Rest In Peace Charles. I will miss you.

Kalai - It is very sad that Charles unfortunately passed away he was a very good teacher and in class he always made us laugh when he told a joke and surprised us when he smashed ''gina's'' watch and he always told lots of stories to us like when his house got bombed in New Zealand. We will miss you.

Sahara Della-Verde - I was so distraught when I heard about Charles tragedy loss I loved his funny stories and jokes that held up everyone's learning time lol RIP :(

Albert Gunn - It is heart breaking for the tragically death of Charles White he was a kind respectful funny interacting with kids he was the most best teacher in my opinion so far in my life he was just a really nice man RIP Charles.

Toqzhan Kellett (Miss Pourtsmouth) - I am so sorry to hear this i was in his last class. I have many memories of Charles, he would always tell stories in the morning and it would go on for so long that we would miss half of the first lesson.
He was a joy to be around he could make friends wherever he went. In class he would call me 'Miss Pourtsmouth' because I was new that year and I had come down from Pourtsmouth.
He will be missed by everyone he met. 🥀😭

Lucas Lottman - You were a great teacher Charles, the year I was in was the last year you ever taught.

Almire (meercat) - I am really thankful to have had Charles as a teacher in yr5. And I am lucky to be in the last class Charles has ever teacher in his life!🙃 But I am deeply disappointed that he didn't make it.🥀😭:-(

Alejandro - Charles was a very good teacher and I have some funny memory of being in his class

Matteo Hegarty - Dear Charles,
You were such a good teacher and guitar player- you were so fun and kind! I will miss you. I will think of you every time I sing "Space Oddity" by David Bowie.
I might learn guitar like you. You are now up in the skies, meditating and being happy.

Zakaria - Charles was a great teacher, I am distraught that he passed away. In my time of year 5, I was never bored because he would make every lesson fun.

Grazia Piras - Dear Charles,

I will miss our conversations about yoga, New Zealand, music, spirituality and life. I will treasure the good laughs and wise words.

You had the gift to understand kids and get the best out of them; your teaching style has been a blessing for pupils and parents - who felt their kids were in kind and experienced hands.

Unfortunately my own child has not had the chance to have you as a teacher and yet you’ve managed to leave joyful images in his memory.
Rest in peace dear Charles, with gratitude and appreciation, Grazia

Christopher Wilson - On a visit to England I bumped into Charles and one of his classes in the Reading Room of the British Library. While catching up with him briefly, a member of the public approached Charles and congratulated him on the impeccable behaviour of his pupils. Sadly, I have never spoken to him again but what a memory to have of him. A lovely, gentle man and an excellent teacher.

Elsie.T - I was so sad when I heard this terrible news but all the wonderful memories came back to me. Your endless stories that wasted our lesson time, the sneaky biscuits and our competitive dodgeball games on a Friday. I’m so happy I got you as a teacher and the last class you taught. We will all miss you ❤️ Love from Topsy x ❤️🤍

Georgia - This is such sad news. Charles was a great, inspirational teacher. He gave us treats in class, but the best part was when he played dodgeball with us which was really fun. He also had lots of stories to share with my class. I was so lucky to have him as my teacher. Fly high Charles 💔RIP🕊

Rosanne Jacobs - Charles had an amazing gift of making both children and adults feel safe, confident and happy.
Working with you has been a wonderful journey and I cannot thank you enough for all your help, support, laughter and inspiration.

Thank you for always supporting the music programme, each individual child and for all the lives you have brightened.
You will be missed.

Music Masters (the whole team) - We are incredibly sad to hear that Charles has passed away. In our time at Prior Weston, Charles was an outstanding support of making music happen at the school. He would always be willing to push the musical boundaries and opportunities for our students and was a big help in making our programme what it is today. He will have left a profound impact on the school and many students and families he met along the way. Thank you Charles.

Juliana Drummond - So sad news. We would like to thank Charles for being such an incredible teacher. Our daughter, Laís, was in Charles' class for 6 months. When we first met Charles, we knew he was such a special person just by looking at his big smile. We had just arrived from Brazil and we did not know how the girlls would adapt in school. Charles welcomed not only Laís, but all our family. I was amazed by the way Charles was able to inspire the kids and I am confident he taught them much more than English and Maths. All I can say is that we were very lucky to have met Charles and he will be greatly missed.

Fiona - Oh Charles, it is not a cliche to say that they broke the mould when they made you. You were an amazing, wonderful man with a generosity of spirit that is entirely unmatched by anyone I have ever met before or since. You stood up for what you believed in and, as Mathew said, it often added at least 15 minutes to any staff meeting. When I left Prior Weston, I would often channel my 'inner Charles' and speak up in staff meetings too. Full of secret gossip, you were always up for a chat and manys a time I was in your room refusing biscuits, lardy cake or beigels (you were such a feeder!) listening to the latest gossip while I had marking to do. One of my many memories was in 2012 when I had a German student on placement who, one afternoon, came into my classroom with a very worried look on her face, "Fiona, Charles has just offered to take me up the Gherkin, is this slang for something? I don't understand!" If you were lucky, Charles would take you up the Gherkin for drinks and the view. He was generous with everything he had, including experiences.
I also have many fond memories of the (loud) rehearsals of his annual band of talented musicians The experience you gave them was unique - there truly is no other teacher like you.
Everything you did in your classroom was about the children and their learning and that is why you have left your mark on so many lives. May your guitar forever be in tune, Charles. You are sorely missed.

Hugo, Eszter, Leticia and Sofia - It took us many days to find some words to write, your passing is such a shock. Our whole family loves you, you were a wonderful person and teacher. You shaped so many people's lives, were there not just for the students but their families too. You were a giant, a huge, one and only personality with a great heart. You will be missed so much. Wherever you are, we hope you are happy. RIP Charles

Sara - Charles "let me tell you a story" White!! When my son Milo (or Smilo as you called him) was in your class in year 4 he would come home on a daily basis re-telling the stories you shared with the class, some classics were told! You sparked their imaginations and inspired them to realise that dreams were there to be fulfilled. Your assemblies were legendary and I will always think of you when I hear "California Dreaming". The only thing that let you down mate was your choice of football team, Newcastle United! We had the pleasure of taking you to West Ham to watch them play which was predictably a dire draw!!!. Not only were you Milo's teacher, you were a work colleague and a mate! Every time I saw you in recent years you always asked how Milo was getting on, you genuinely cared about the young people you taught and your memory and spirit will live in them always. My thoughts are with your family and I hope they get some comfort from knowing just how much you meant to so many. Goodnight and sleep tight Charles, Sara x

Alison Torres - I know u weren’t my teacher in yr6 but it was always great fun to see you around the school and when u helped us plan the leavers assembly and I want to thank u for bringing a smile to my face and to everyone who was in my yr 6 class and the other. Rest In Peace Charles 💛

Sumiya - Charles was such an amazing teacher! I feel so lucky that I was able to have a couple of months with him. We all will miss him so much. He was such a lovely guy and I will never forget those memories was had with him. I will forever miss those singing assemblies I enjoyed them so much! We will all miss you Charles.❤️

Rest in peace ❤️🕊

Mathew - Charles

I’d forgive that you never once offered me a semi-secret chocolate biscuit, that you added a good 15 minutes on to any staff meeting, that you had the best class assemblies, that you made a red wig and a sombrero look good, that you burst into my class and had your own class sing happy birthday to me mid-lesson - turning me scarlet, that you were a bit of a cheat whenever your class played mine at dodgeball, that you could instinctively find the soft centre in the hardest-shell, that you could turn thirty children into a loyal, formidable tribe EVERY time, that you’re possibly the most stubborn man I ever met and that you made me dance at the end of the year 6 leavers assembly if - if I could just pop into your classroom after school once more, knowing I’d be in there for at least an hour and I had marking to do and I still had to plan for the next day.

You’re a hurricane and I’m devastated in your wake.

It was an honour. Your friend, Mathew.

Miles Buffong and Family - Charles will forever be remembered. He was my teacher back in 2009 and from there onwards I knew that he was a friend for life. I left Prior Weston in 2012 and ever since then I would go back just to see how he is doing and gain some of words of wisdom from him . He did what he loved and loved what he did. There is no other teacher and person like Charles, he made kids enjoy learning in anyway possible and for that I thank you Charles White for making your time with us an amazing one. #RestEasy Bro❤❤🙌🙌😢😢

Jassi and Gareth - Thank you Charles for guiding us when we needed it and for supporting our daughter when she needed it. Even before you were her teacher, you encouraged Ella with your love of music, ensuring that she took every opportunity to play the piano.

You managed to stay firm but also so very kind and generous. Everyone remembers a great teacher and Ella will remain inspired by you.

Thank you Charles. X

Cairo - He was so funny and he ran all the singing assemblies he will be miss ❤️❤️❤️RIP

Fiona and Rosa Brennan - We were so saddened to hear of the passing of Charles. He was an inspiring support for The Hulas, who provided the girls with so much encouragement and opportunities. RIP Charles. Much love to you and yours. We are chanting for you and your family. Nam-myo-ho-renge-kyo. X

Clementine Parker - I'll feel forever lucky to have been taught by Charles - the classroom jams with your legendary guitar, the (sometimes unintentionally) hilarious, sometimes heart-rending school assemblies and your never-ending repertoire of songs. I remember your boundless energy, kindness, generosity and infectious humour, not to mention the fact that you always had biscuits on hand to raise our spirits - all pure magic.

You instilled in me the confidence to believe that anything is possible with hard work, perseverance and laughter. You had a gift Charles. Thank you for being you.
My heart goes out to your family more than anything. Kia kaha
You live on in our hearts and in all of us, thank you for all the memories
You were a great kiwi
I'll miss you Charles

mari - In 2017 I had Charles and he was very tough on me and even though I found it hard it class I did pass my sats and I will miss his enthusiastic attitude and will be sad that I wont be able to see him but hopefully he's at peace now ✨

Ray - Charles taught all my siblings and honestly he did give some of us a hard time but he was truly a great teacher and pushed us to try new things and I hope you is having a great time in Heaven!

Vicky Neal - Charles taught both Paola and Max. He was an huge influence in their lives. He was a good friend to me. So sad that he is no longer with us.
Thank you Charles for everything

Sabina Ansari - I haven’t known Charles for very long but what I know is that he was one of the most kindest, inspirational people I have ever met. When I first started teaching at Prior Weston, he was like a mentor and a great friend to me. He had a positive aura about him that used to light up my day. I could talk to him about anything. He was so caring and generous. A few times, he bought me vegan chips for lunch (he used to love those) or a breakfast muffin. He was full of surprises! I will truly miss his presence, our jokes and our conversations 💔
My condolences to his family.

Dina Mirabile - I was in his class of 2016. I had struggled at the beginning of the year with my previous teacher. However Charles was the only one that had faith in me. He was the one that when I moved into his class made me prove the other teachers how good of a student I actually was. My family and I are beyond grateful for what he had done. Charles was always able to make his class smile and laugh. Playing endless games of dodgeball was one of the most memorable moments I still hold close today. The class would always enjoy singing to him playing to his guitar and no one felt ashamed to join in. Charles will never be forgotten and will always hold a close place in all of our hearts.

Mary - The Happening

Mary - The hover-board

Bertie Powell - I have worked in his class a TA for 4 years. He used to call me his right man. To me Charles was more than a work mate. He was a father figure to me. A man that every moment was a pleasure and he made me smile. He was the best teacher I worked with and spent time with. I could talk to him any day. He got me a full time job. He made me smile and everyone loved him. To me Charles will never be replaced and I will remember him for the rest of my life his kindness to me.

Samuel Adjaye - Charles was the greatest, I have so many amazing memories from being taught by him and I remember always being so happy to be in his lessons. I would have loved to see him one last time 💜♥️ Rest in perfect peace, Charles, New Zealand’s Greatest !!

Mary - Charles taught both my son Daniel and daughter Ruth. He was,as all the tributes above say, an inspirational teacher. I have a some very happy memories of Charles and their time at Prior Weston. Mainly around science evening - the photo is when he made a hover-board out of a vacuum cleaner - genius! The Happening - with jolly dressing up and other events where Charles bough music , chats about NZ (mainly cricket related with us) and generally was always involved. Thanks you Charles.

Kelly Wills - Charles you are such a lovely spirit I’m gonna miss you, all 3 of my kids when that school. So gutted they never had you as their teacher, every year that when past I was hoping. I’m gonna miss you not being at the school. There’s are these two things that are in my mind, You joking about my sunglasses. And the beating of the drums RIP To the most beautiful kind spirit Charles ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

Lydia Celebi - Charles will be sadly missed. He was a fantastic teacher and never ran out of interesting stories for us. He's gone to a better world now. Death is but the next great adventure.

Mari Hirose - This is such sad news to hear. Charles, you are amazing teacher, my daughter Juri was very lucky to have you as a teacher in year 5.
She always told us how interesting and funny your story was. The class with you were really different, they were truly treated as independent individuals. They will never forget your great teaching.

My boys still at Prior Western in early years but they already know you how you are fantastic teacher from your funny, great assembly and as Juri always tells them about you.
We were really waiting you to come back to school and I was really hoping my boys could have you as a teacher again. You will be greatly missed by all of us and community.
We send all of our best wishes and thoughts to your family.

Dr. Peggy Fraser - As a colleague and great friend, I was devastated over the news of Charles passing. He was a brilliant teacher and one of the most caring and giving individuals that I have ever known. For 16 wonderful years, he partnered with us and brought love and life to my study abroad students from Denver, Colorado. Under Charles guidance and passion for education, my university students came back as different people with a keen global perspective. He positively changed and inspired the lives of over 125 of my students from Metropolitan State University of Denver. You will be greatly missed but always alive in our hearts! Sending all my love and condolences to Sally and his daughter. Your legacy will never be forgotten.

Nafisa Alhadi - Charles first taught me as a 7 year old in 2003, my little sister then had the pleasure of being taught by him when she went to Prior Weston as well.

It saddens me to hear this news because honestly Charles was not only an amazing teacher, but just an amazing person in general. I remember learning so much about New Zealand from him, learning the Haka, learning music... Even after I left Prior Weston, I would still come and visit him and he advised me in life up until university.

I can honestly say I have never met a teacher like Charles White, he went above and beyond for me like no teacher ever has and me and my family will always remember and appreciate that.

For the past few years i’ve been meaning to go to Prior Weston and visit, it’s a shame I didn’t get to before this. I’m sending prayers to his family and friends and the world will never be the same without him. Rest in perfect peace Charles ❤️❤️

Lesley Chan - Charles, truly will be in our hearts, your brazen heart and tenacity, bringing inspiration for children and adults to challenge yourself and get outside comfort zones. Your innate musical soul poured out and into the minds and spirits of many children at Prior Weston, you are with the chorus of song birds I bet and saluté.

Katie - This is such sad news , I cannot even believe it , i feel so lucky to have been in his latest class and had all the fun we had. He made everything fun! Personally , my favourite was his stories and playing doge ball! Charles was such an inspiration to many people and believed in every single one of us. He was such a kind and caring man.

Sending love to family and loved ones!
Fly high Charles , we will miss you

Atia Siddiqui - RIP CHARLES sending condolences to his wife sally and daughter

Freya Farren Mcfarlane - Dear Charles,

Charles, you were so inspirational, funny too. You always told the best stories and made things very fun. I'm sure everyone, including myself, has and will continue to be very, very sad about your death. You gave us sweets/candy to help us concentrate which helps us to learn, it was very smart. I always wanted to go to school because YOU were our teacher. I cried when i heard about your death but then I wiped my tears as I'm trying to be strong for you. You were so strong, you should've lived longer. I hope you rest well. You were such an amazing person. I have so many amazing memories that I shall carry for the rest of my life.

From, Freya. ❤️💙

Tsebaot - Dear Charles, our family was heartbroken to hear of the sad news.
Unfortunately neither of my children (Eliode or JoJo) have been lucky enough to have you as a teacher. Yet, you still had a huge impact on them.
Although you are no longer with us physically, your soul will never leave the corridors and classrooms of Prior Weston and without a doubt, you will always be in our hearts.
I know that my children loved you but I never really asked them about any stories. As we were talking this afternoon lots of stories come out of how you went out of your way to include them in activities/ events and validated them. You always spoke positive words over them and that will carry them so far into their lives. I could see the respect you gave to all the children no matter how young. You were always the light and life of our assemblies.
I strongly believe that teaching was your true calling. Most of us go through life not knowing our purpose. You however lived your purpose. What a blessing! I call this a meaningful life and one that was well lived.
It is a huge loss to Prior Weston and all of us but you have left your mark on so many children, whether they were in your class or not, and so you will live on.
When I hear stories from other parents the running theme is that you lifted, elevated, encouraged, validated and cared for YOUR children.
We will never forget you.
I pray that God gives your family strength and comfort in this very difficult time.

Rest in peace our beloved !

Paola Neal Fagan - Charles was the one who encouraged me to try out for private school as he had more faith in me than anyone else and he is the reason I’m currently at a top private school on a full bursary. He believed in me more than anyone else and he pushed me hard even when I doubted myself as he wanted the best for me and I will forever be grateful for that. He also lead the band which was a key part of my primary school memories and an experience I will never forget. He was an amazing teacher and I’m so grateful for everything he did and I hope we go on to make him proud xx

Elvi Rose Christiansen Head -
I am forever indebted to Charles for the confidence and creativity he instilled in me in y4 up until I left Prior Weston and I am so saddened that we will not be able to share our stories with him as he did for us. Of course, he will still want us to thank him in our acceptance speeches when we all become famous ;) Charles truly treated us as independent individuals and taught us what maturity meant - a balance between hard work and laughter. This of course worked in his favour when he would get a bunch of us requesting to please mark maths books at lunchtime for him.

I was lucky enough to be recruited by Charles for ‘THE BAND’ later to be known as The Escape. This is an experience I will forever cherish and of course one that wouldn’t have been possible without Charles leading us all the way. He organised band practice, shows, got us a session in a recording studio and of course picked out all of the legendary songs we performed - many of which you would probably never expect to see a bunch of 9 year olds jamming to! I remember one day after band practice he took us all to white cross street market to get falafel wraps as a treat - another example of his genourosity and kindness!

Of course, Charles also took to the stage himself bringing joy to class with his guitar. He is famous for his timetable tunes and he always had his classes singing iconic songs in assemblies. Charles I promise I will learn my 8 times tables one day!

Most of my funny memories and the stories I tell of my time at Prior Weston include Charles in some way. I hope he knows just how much he touched the lives of those he taught and the extent to which he shaped us into the people we are today. He will not be forgotten!

Sending my love Elvi xxx

Stevie-Leigh - Charles, the community is sadden at the news of your passing,
During my time at Prior Weston I spent many music session, you was always the happy teacher, your brought music to life,
No one was ever left behind when you was around, you always showed great encouragement to all students, you was the sunshine to the school, every parade you never failed to make us all smile and laugh, you was an will always be part of prior Weston and assembly’s will never Be the same again.
Sending all our love to your family, continue to shine over prior Weston, our school an community has lost a great teacher.
Thank you for all the amazing memories.
Gone but never forgotten.
Stevie-Leigh, Maximus 💙

Ivy Pang - Charles was an amazing teacher. He taught me and my sister so well! He was the one who helped me with my times tables, especially when i didn't know them. This is really sad news to hear. Charles was such an unique and brilliant teacher to have and he made singing the best. R.I.P Charles.

Salma - We all will certainly miss Charles ,it doesn’t matter if you were in his class or not, even seeing him in the corridors or in assembly would always bring a smile to everyone’s sassed a me to think that I will never be able to visit him again. He was an amazing teacher why taught not only me but all my siblings.There will not me a moment I will forget being in his class, I would like to say I’m truly grateful for the all the help he had given me throughout the years
RIP Charles💜

Olaitan Oguntimehin - My children were taught by Charles, he will always have time to discuss with you the progress of your kids and they all loved him as a Teacher. The best I've met in a long time .We will surely miss him. Rest in perfect peace Charles.

Ruby Robinson - I got to be In Charles’ class 5 years ago and I will never forget what an amazing teacher he was. Thank you for all the memories.

Logan Verlander - I was in Charles’ class 6 years ago. He helped me so much and that made me achieve higher in secondary school too. He also made sure my handwriting was perfected. I’m really shocked he is gone. I hope is family are ok.

Jenny hopkins - Very sad news he will be missed by many, He was a brilliant teacher and went the extra mile for he's pupils he made it fun for children in school when they had difficult times. RIP CharlesXX

Niamh Eisenberg - I can confidently say that Charles was the most inspirational and amazing teacher I have ever had. I had the pleasure of being taught by him in year 4 and year 6 during my time at Prior Weston 6 years ago. His lessons were always filled with his great stories, lots of creative writing and endless bourbon cream biscuits! I will never forget how he taught us all to be confident in ourselves, especially with music. He really brought music to life at Prior Weston, there are so many songs which make me think of him when I listen to them as he taught them to us. I really believe that Charles was a very significant part in forming the person I am today. Charles was so enthusiastic about learning and he always believed in us and made us laugh. Thank you for enriching our lives during those years of primary, you won’t be forgotten by anybody you taught. Rest in paradise❤️❤️

Natalie, Simon, Paige and Archie - Charles u was an amazing teacher and my daughter was lucky enough to have u as her year 5 teacher. The fun and we had with u over the years and the names u had for all the kids in paiges class, u called my Paige turn the Page and u helped her with her confident a little bit and u changed her class completely from the class they was in year 4 and when they went into Hannah’s class in year 6 u could see the difference in them and that is all due to your hard work and my Archie he use to love your music assembly and paiges 2 class assembly she did was amazing and still have them on video Paige is completely shocked by the news. What an great teacher and a massive part of prior Weston u will be greatly missed by all R.I.P Charles

Aynur Cimen - You gave a great effort to our children, changed their perspective, gave them self-confidence. Happily, you became my daughter Lydia`s teacher as well. I will always remember you, such a good man. You called my child as "Lady Lydia" that she was happy. It was too early, we will miss you.

Lynn Taggart - Such sad news to hear.
Charles you had such fun stories to tell and the most amazing assembly’s ever.
It was a pleasure to have known you these last 8 years.
Shine bright, good night Charles xxxxx

Esther Harari - I had been working with the same class, first in Year 3 and then in Year 4, before supporting them in Charles’ class in Year 5. The children were excited to be having him as their teacher and he didn’t disappoint. Charles was undoubtedly fuelled with the drive to enable his pupils to create a better future for themselves and to inspire them to achieve - albeit in an unconventional style. He passionately believed that education was important and wanted each individual to be the best that they could be. For years to come, Charles’ pupils will look back on their Primary School days, and remember his teaching, his stories and his music.
On one occasion, Charles told me he had got me a slice of cake. The ‘slice’ came in a massive box and when I opened it up, inside was an ENTIRE cake - that was Charles all over! You thought you knew what you were getting, and you got that and a whole lot more.
Charles was a law unto himself and Prior Weston is lucky to have had him. Peace and Noise Charles! Esther

Rayan hanou and family - Charles always lifted my spirits and supported me .You made me laugh and always cared .
You will be sadly missed .
Sending love and healing to his family 💙

Rhiannon and Emma Hall - Dear Charles, you were a wonderful teacher and one we will always remember. You made such a lasting impact on Rhiannon’s life, encouraging her and supporting her in her love of music and acting. We have CDs you made of her singing with you playing your guitar. We still talk about you often and are very sad to hear you are no longer with us. Thank you for being an inspirational teacher - you made a difference to so many. Thoughts are with your family.

Tanya Poll - Both of my kids – Astrid and Oscar – were lucky to have Charles as their teacher. He was kind hearted, charismatic and inspiring, and his classroom always felt so vibrant and full of life. He took extra care and time with his students to really see and understand them. What a lovely man, who gave so much. We are so sad to hear, and send all of our love and thoughts to his family X

Lacey - This is such sad news , Charles was such a great teacher and he told the greatest stories, we will never forget him and he will always be remembered, he gave us sweets and all nice treats and made all my classmates enjoy school as well as me it was a delight to have him as my year 5 teacher we will really miss you Charles ❤️Rip 🕊

Farhiya Haybe - It saddened my heart hearing about this. I feel lucky because He taught my Daughter
Charles White was an amazing human being, an amazing teacher and an amazing mentor to my daughter like she always says he was her Hero he motivated alot of his Student to give Their best. I am sure a lot of his Students will follow his wise and generous words Like my daughter . My condolences are with all his Student and Family
Death cannot take away a person like Charles who Taught a lot of young life’s what they know now so he will always remain alive in our hearts. RIP Charles

Viv Levy - So sorry to hear this awfully sad news. The messages left here by his former pupils and their parents are both touching and uplifting. How amazing to have left such a wonderful legacy for so many children. RIP Charles ❤️

Lucian Verlander - Charles was a really nice teacher and he used to tell us stories about his previous years that he had taught. He used to play music in the music assemblies and I helped him in them. He genuinely made everyone smile and laugh and he had lots of gadgets that would make people happy. He also helped out a lot with people who found the work hard.

Harvey Naylor - I really enjoyed being in your class, I will miss your stories and playing dodge ball with you. You were the kindest teacher ever; I will miss you lots. Thank you for making learning fun.

Lorraine Naylor - Charles, thank you so much for all you did for Harvey. You engaged him in learning through your fantastic stories and offered him such encouragement. He really transformed during his time in your class, his confidence increased and that was due to you pushing and believing in him. You will be deeply missed, but so fondly remembered by all the children that were lucky enough to be taught by you, rest in peace.

Zuhur - I am very sadden about Charles recent death and I know that he would not want Us to be sad if he was here he would say smile and Sing but my heart is cause to feel sorrow about this sad news Charles was Great Teacher absolutely amazing and help me stand up to a lot of hard things,He was my hero,He had an amazing sense of humour and had a big heart He touched so many lives, helped so many Us and made us all the ones he taught walk in the right path, the path of wisdom. Charles left a Legacy We will never forget he was loved by many Of Us he might be Gone But His still Legacy is within Us Gone But Will Never Be Forgotten❤️🙏 RIP Charles Will Miss You💞💞

Dalya mahadar - Charles was a great teacher and he made a lot of people happy and give us nice stories and help us a lot on the thing that people find tricky he was very kind man he will be sadly missed and we never forget him he teach my brother’s is well 💔🕊

Paul Naylor - R.I.P Charles, What a Great Loss to Prior Weston and the Community, A Great Teacher who Taught my Son's and Nephews

Ophelia - The last time I saw him was a couple of years after I'd left primary. He'd seemed so stressed and as if his health and young spirit had begun to take a turn; I can only hope that he was comfortable and at peace in his final days, hopefully having kept all the memories that he'd made with all of us.

Shianna Green - Me and my class was lucky to be the last class you taught, the last class you would give treats too. I am happy you was my teacher for year 5 and i will remember you forever. You was and forever will be a part of my childhood education. Thank you Charles for everything you did for me. Love Shianna x

Tracy Hopkins - Charles taught both of my sons and my nephews, I know from speaking to them all how much Charles influenced and inspired each and every one of there lives. They all have such fond memories of primary school because of him. What a legacy to leave behind, he was a very special man. RIP Charles

Sheila Owen - I had the pleasure of working with Charles for almost 20 years first at Moorfields school and then at Priorweston . Such an amazing teacher, the kids loved him. My fondest memories were his fantastic assemblies and his never ending stories he had to tell. RIP Charles, you will be greatly missed 💕💕💕

Avian Durcan - Charles was an amazing teacher. I will always remember how much he celebrated any students piece of creative writing however small and encouraged all of us to ‘write more and more and more!’. He was also a brilliant friend to my mum and supported her so much when she joined the school as a teacher and definitely helped to make her a talented teacher. I loved going to all of the strikes with him where he would try and educate me on the unions and would look like he was really standing up to make a change. So many friends of mine attribute their love of school to Charles and I do really hope his legacy pushes forward at the school for a long time to come.

Miles Emi Kaz and Nina - Charles you will be so missed. You were a truly inspirational teacher, and you really inspired our children with your passion for teaching and music. You rewarded children with sweets, broke the rules, and structured your lessons to all the mixed abilities in your classes. Your class assemblies were unrivalled, and I'll always remember the kids doing the haka for you, the renditions of mad world, and the one that you almost knew would bring tears to our eyes, Miss You When I'm Gone. Our heart goes out to Sally and your daughter.

Nele & Simon Brauner-Cave with Esther and Rahel - We used to have a slightly underwhelming view of our daughter’s primary school education. Then came Charles. He was the most transformative and inspirational teacher we could have hoped for. We so cherished his drive and ambition for his students, his humour and his generosity. Charles, you were a mensch.

Ella - Charles was an amazing, inspirational teacher. He always cared for me and my classmates. He has worked extremely hard to make everyone’s future better. I will truly miss him.

Barbara matthews-Smith - Such sad news. Charles taught both my daughter's at prior western. He had the natural ability to see the unique potential and qualities in children and tease them out. My girls adored him and still tell stories of singing in the classroom. I send my sincerest condolences to Charles' family at such a add time x

Lisa Fitzpatrick - Charles was one of a kind, my daughter Lauren was very lucky to have Charles as a teacher in year 5. She would come home with such funny stories of what Charles had shared with the class. He will be greatly missed and remembered forever. RIP Charles xx

Kelly Durcan - Charles taught my daughter, then became my partner teacher and finally a great friend. There are so many memories. I will truly miss his stories (he had many), his bagels and his passion. They don’t make people like Charles, he was a one off .... Sleep tight Charles.

Debby Lee - Charles brought magic to the classroom, his distinct way of creative teaching deeply connected to his pupils in their formative years and was a most wonderful teacher. For my daughter Lola, he gave her the self belief in performance to follow a career path in Theatre and Music. Charles was never her form teacher, but made a point of seeking me out after a year group drama exercise to tell me she had a big talent and urged me to nurture this in her. Together Charles and I encouraged her from that day, and he backed her, he would suggest auditions, give her pep talks before performances and talk to her about music and suggest films and theatre pieces to inspire her. Lola struggled in year 3/4 with the mixed year teaching groups (back then) as she was the youngest in her year group, being taught alongside kids almost 2 years older, she was feeling overwhelmed and unsupported by her then form teacher, it was Charles that stepped in diplomatically and sensitively and gave her empowering chats and reminded her that she was doing great, when her self esteem was low, he spotted it and gave her back a sense of self belief and confidence that she grew from and made educational high achievement from then on. Seriously this was a very important intervention that I know feel so blessed that he was there to help a lost little girl find her way. He always said “Lola remember me in your Oscar speech”, well Charles, if that happens she will! But more importantly you will always be remembered in our hearts forever. So Mr Charles white, we want to say thank you for the music and everything you contributed to our little family and the community! Our love goes to Sally and Charles’ family, I’m sure they know what a special man he was and what an incredible legacy he has left in the lives of the students he took under his wings. Debby and Lola ❤️

Satori Matthews-Smith - An amazing man. Always gave me little pep talks to boost my confidence when I attended prior Weston, about 10 years ago :( sending my love to his family. Will never forget xx

Ellie - Charles was one of the best teachers that anyone could of asked for and truly was one of a kind! He loved his music and he passed that on to all of his students by getting his guitar out and making up a song to make it easier to remember the things that he had taught. You made my Prior Weston years so special and you will be greatly missed🕊

Petrina Conteh - Charles was one of the best teachers I’ve ever had , no matter how much trouble I was (trust me I was a lot) he didn’t give up on me he always believed in me.I will never forget how he always fed us chocolate during lessons and then would say “quick wipe your mouths Virginia is walking around”.Charles was a very special teacher to me because he taught me big life lessons at such a young age.He was a great soul who loved music and New Zealand, he will truly be missed.Rest in perfect paradise king x

Bart - Charles taught me when I was in year 4 about 9 years ago. He was easily one of, if not the best teachers I've ever had. From making us learn maths by rewarding good grades with chocolate- to having us sing space odyssey in assembly, he was truly the best teacher I could've asked for. May you rest in peace Charles.
From my family and I, we send all of our best wishes to Charles's family and friends.

Aris - We will certainly miss Charles, it's tragic to see him go. He was an outstanding teacher, who everybody knew. Charles changed the lives of the children he has taught for the better. He made waking up in the morning and going to school fun every day of the year. His enthusiasm for teaching encouraged us to try our hardest and learn. I can remember listening to him sharing his life stories and experiences with us and being sad whenever we'd have to go back to focusing on the topic again. He made so many great memories with us and brought so much joy to our lives.

Charles made his years at Prior Weston truly unforgettable.

Claire, David, Emily, Betty Pomeroy - Charles was an amazing man who gave his time, support and friendship to many. We were lucky to have Charles teach both our daughters.
Betty had him in year 6 and he helped her to express herself, be confident and believe in herself!
As a family we talk about him often, Betty will share things Charles has told her, and the fun times they had in class, such happy memories!
Charles you will not be forgotten, you have left a legacy in the children you have taught and guided.
Thank you!
The Pomeroy’s

Kelly smyth - You were such a great teacher, such a sad loss

Kerrie Jones - I was lucky enough to work in the school for over 11 years and working alongside Charles was lovely. He would always have a funny story to tell and gave me the nickname "Kerry the key" after a joke on school journey.
RIP Charles 🙏

Carrie skinner - Sorry to hear the sad news I worked with Charles at Moorfields school from 1999 then at Prior Weston until 2018. He was a unique teacher and always put the children first he will be sadly missed. Sending condolences to his wife Sally and daughter. RIP CHARLES 💙

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